Where is my Mind

Where is my Mind

This is a project about the depths of emotion and resilience where art meets introspection, where every frame tells a story of struggle and triumph. In this animation, I invite you to witness the raw portrayal of mental health through the eyes of a woman lost in her own reflection. Each stroke of the pencil breathes life into her inner turmoil. As she gazes into the mirror, her battle with depression unfolds before your eyes. Yet, amidst the darkness of her thoughts, a flicker of hope emerges. Watch as she finds the strength to break free from the shackles of her mind.

I'd like to think of this project as an inspiration to all who dare to embrace their journey towards healing and self-discovery. All Illustrations and the frame by frame animation were done in Procreate Dreams and After Effects.

Originally this project was done for an instagram post to the song "Where is my mind" from the pixies. You can check it out here:

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